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Christmas Holiday Ideas

December 7, 2016

by Pastor Gib Giblin

At Midland Free we want to encourage individuals, families and groups to reach out with the “Good News” of Jesus. Here is the way I view this:  Jesus is part of my life. I don’t have to make it the issue of every talk and conversation, but He is part of my life [I consider it the most important part]. He is my Lord, Savior – my God. What I believe is going to come out. Christmas is a natural time to share this. The “Good News” is simple – Jesus died for my sins and was resurrected from the dead. Sometimes how we share is not. Here are some ideas:

  1. Pray for Our Lord to reveal people to us who are hurting, need help, or need some encouragement. You may know if they are believers. You may not know of their need, but Our Lord, through the Holy Spirit, puts them on your mind and heart. Act on the prompting. It may be neighbors, co-workers, relatives, or friends.
  2. Do something.
  3. Pray for courage to share what Christ and Christmas means to you. Ask others to pray.
  4. Contact them and invite them to meet with you. See below for ideas.

One on one Ideas:

  • Ask them to go to lunch or a coffee shop.
  • Take a neighbor some cookies and ask if they would like to talk [or invite them over for coffee, pie].
  • Ask them to go to the Garden Walk at Dow Garden. There are carols, hot chocolate and opportunity to talk and share life.
  • Watch a Christmas movie together and ask:  What do you think the true meaning of Christmas is?
  • Do life together. Go shopping, walk the mall. Walk around the block. Walk downtown and look at the nativity setup.

Group Ideas:

  • Have a neighborhood gathering [could be an office gathering, apartment gathering, etc.], hand, send or mail invites. Ask everyone to bring something. During the event do something which places the focus on Jesus. Read the Christmas Story [a la Linus -have one of your children read it]. Sing carols, talk about what the carol means to you. Multiple or back to back gatherings work well for some.
  • Have your Life Group or group of friends invite others for an evening of games, watching Christmas movies, snacks or a Progressive Dinner. Plan a Girl’s or Guy’s Night out for your neighborhood or work.
  • Go with a neighbor or friend to the Santa House [do not forget the kids!] and ask if this is what Christmas is all about. As part of a group you can do most of the things listed in One-on-One Ideas.
  • No guilt, no condemnation: pray and follow God’s leading.

Merry Christmas!

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